The best late night bit ever on vaccines

Rarely do I create a post just to show off a video, much less a comedy video from a late night television show. However, this bit from Jimmy Kimmel Live is great. It’s about vaccines and it’s funny and on point.

I think my favorite thing about this is that the message to vaccinate kids and opposition to the anti-vaccine movement is making such a strong showing in the mainstream media. While late night talk shows aren’t exactly the best place to get information, they are a good reflection on cultural trends. Putting out the pro-vaccine message on science blogs and even in the news media is great and should be encouraged. However, it is a huge step when it starts to enter more of our culture and media.

Ridicule is also a important weapon in opposing anti-science rhetoric and quackery. There is nothing wrong with calling an idea stupid when it is, in fact, stupid, and sometimes putting it in its place with appropriate ridicule is the best way of driving the point home. There’s also good reason why humor is used in so many advertisements. Humor gets people’s attention and helps make the message memorable.

Here’s the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s fantastic.