When Extinction Means Good Riddance

At the risk of being called an environmental blasphemer, I’d like to propose something shocking:  the extinction of a species, entirely due to human activity may not always be a bad thing.  In fact, it may be a very good thing.   We have come to be taught that all species deserve to exist (not sure […]

Exploiting children to push religion

Many in the skeptic and atheist communities claim that raising a child with religion is child abuse and should be illegal.  I’m not generally of that opinion, because, for one thing, the jails are not large enough and secondly, even imperfect parents are not necessarily ground for child protective services to get involved, as state-based […]

Oh Hell Yeah – Falcon 9 Makes it To Orbit

From NASA’s confused, convoluted and underfunded Constellation program to the de-funding of it in favor of a non-existant plan, there has been little good news from the American space program.   There is one exception, however.   SpaceX has been making great progress in the design and testing of the Falcon 1 and 9 rockets.   The Falcon 9 is especially […]

Greenpeace Nuclear Blog Disables Comments

What is a blog without comments? It would seem to defeat the whole purpose of a blog. The whole idea behind “web 2.0,” blogging, citizen journalism and the like is that communications should be social with user-generated content, contributions and exchanges by readers. A blog without comments is just an editorial column, or even someone’s […]