About DrBuzz0

(Author of the Blog)

Dr. Buzz0 is the screen name and pen name I often use. My real name is Steve Packard. I’m not actually a doctor, in the sense of having an MD or PhD. The origins of the name can be found in the FAQS. You can call me Steve or DrBuzz0. I’m not all that picky.

For most of my life, I’ve been fascinated and excited by science and the thrill of learning and discovery. I’m a full fledged geek, and I was even before it was cool to be a geek. Though educated in IT and computer science, I’ve long been an advocate of the thrills of amateur science, experimentation and discovery.

While I certainly would not diminish the importance of professional scientists, I’m a firm believer that science can be fun for anyone and that the average person should be encouraged to educate themselves and gain a basic understanding of the world around them.There are real life examples of Average Joes who changed the world by something they cooked up in their garage or basement.

I’ve personally spent more than my fair share of time building Tesla coils, gamma spectrometers, radio transmitters and other various projects. I’ve voided many warranties and had a few projects not turn out as I had hoped. However, the experience has been well worth the occasional stink of ozone or broken oscilloscope. People of all ages should be encouraged to experience the excitement and fun of experimentation – to go out and buy a telescope, to make litmus paper out of cabbage or to get an amateur radio license. This is how many of the greatest minds got their start.

But more importantly, I have always believed in the importance of bring an understanding of science to the public. It is, after all, the public who elects our leaders, decides what products will be successful and ultimately control the direction society takes. Increasing the awareness and understanding of science and dispelling the misinformation which many have been presented with is critical in working toward a more enlightened society and assuring that public policy and private enterprise is based on valid information.

I’m very active in the skeptic and debunking community and is a member of the James Randi Educational foundation. James Randi is well known for fighting against fraudulent and unsubstantiated claims, pseudo science, dubious product claims and superstitious beliefs. In a world filled with wonder and discovery, misinformation muddies the waters and obscures the knowledge and understanding that science has made possible.

-Dr Buzz0