Paranormal Court: Another Show Pushes the Limits of Stupid

Sure, the network might be called “The Learning Channel,” but don’t expect to learn anything from this new show.   If “John and Kate Plus Eight” was not stupid enough for you, the channel now has a new show that’s sure to rot even more braincells.  The show “Paranormal Court” is described as “Two parties come together and agree to be bound by the ruling enlisted from the other side.”

The idea behind it is basically that family members having a dispute, which involves a deceased person, consult a psychic to talk to that dead person about how to deal with the situation. Of course, it’s not terribly unusual for disputes and disagreements to come up over things like estate matters or how to best serve the wishes of a deceased person. So why not consult a psychic? Well, if you’re going to try to resolve a dispute, you probably want a mediator who is actually honest and has some integrity. Psychics, on the other hand, are professional liars. Even worse, the ones in this series don’t seem to even be that good at it.

Seriously, I can do better at cold reading than this!