Expanded Links


A few sites for skepticism, the movement which seeks to see the world through logic and science and dismisses superstition and unfounded beliefs as hampering the ability of people to understand their environment for what it really is.

Major Organizations:
The JREF– (The James Randi Educational Foundation) James Randi, one of the best known skeptics offers a million dollars to prove the paranormal and has a foundation with a great member community and an important mission.
The Amazing Meeting – The annual meeting of the foundation and other JREF events. It truly is amazing.
The Skeptic Society – Headed by Dr. Michael Shermer and publisher of Skeptic Magazine, the Skeptic society is one of the leading organizations in the skeptical movement.
Committee for Skeptical Inquiry – Formerly known as the Committee For Scientific Inquiry of Claims of the Paranormal, the name change reflects the broad and varied activities of one of the best known skeptical organizations. Publishers of Skeptical Enquirer magazine.
Australian Skeptics – One of the most prominent national skeptical organizations.

Smaller Sites, Blogs or More Specialized:
Bad Psychics – Is there a such thing as a “Good Psychic?” Probably not. But this site has more than a few bad ones. Great media and videos!
Skeptico – Critical thinking in an irrational world
Doubtful News – A great site on news of dubious validity

Info and Reference: 
The Skeptic’s Dictionary – Information on every relevant topic imaginable.
SkepticWiki – The Encyclopedia of Science and Critical Thinking with much useful information.
Skeptic Reports – Our good friend Claus reports on and investigates and finds things are often less than they seem. – “Web sites by and about cranks, crankism, crankishness, and crankosity. All cranks, all the time” Something of an oddball, but full of useful and fun information.

Myths and Facts:
Weed out the truth from the fiction and commonly held beliefs which may or may not be true.

Snopes – The urban legend reference and research page. Chain letters and web legends: a few are true, but most not.
MythBusters (official) – The popular TV show on Discovery, where myths are put to the test. Also includes some very large explosions.
MythBusters Fan Club – A site community created by fans of mythbusting.
The Straight Dope – Website of Cecil Adams’ syndicated column. Cecil cuts through the spin and banter and gives the straight dope on submitted questions.

Anti-Bad Science: 
Something of an offshoot of the Skepticism sites, here are some sites which deal with bad science, bad medicine and all the problems it can cause.

Quackwatch – A nonprofit site devoted to providing information on medical scams, scamsters and bad science. Worth visiting!
Science-Based Medicine – A blog which promotes good science and evidence based medicine and helps expose quackery and deceptive practices.
Bad Astronomy -Dr. Phil Plait’s website. Contains humorous and useful information on the good and the bad side of space science. – Ben Goldacre’s Bad science column from the Guardian and more. One of the highest profile anti-bad science sites on the web.
Pharyngula -PZ’s blog takes on bad science, primarily in biology, but other fields of bad science are not safe either. Both entertaining and informative.
SKAPP – (Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy) Defending science and opposing anti-science policies.