This site will be shutting down

I know this might sound like a shock, but I will soon be leaving the blogging world and no longer keep this site online.   I feel that this is necessary for personal reasons.  It’s not because of spelling errors or because of the cost of hosting, but because I have other things to focus on in my life.   I need the time and space to make my transition

Recently, I made the difficult decision to begin the process of becoming a woman.  I’ve always felt like a woman trapped inside the body of a man, trapped inside the body of a horse, trapped inside the body of a woman, trapped inside the body of a man.   While there’s nothing I can do to completely untrap myself from all the layers of entrapment, I can at least remove one layer.   As such, I will be having a sex change operation.   Before I can do this, I need to move somewhere that such surgery can be had at bargain basement prices.  Thus, I shall soon be bidding my beloved country goodbye and moving to Guatemala to begin the gender reassignment process.

I have struggled with this decision for many years, but last night, as I lay in bed, Jesus came to me in a dream and told me he would still love me no matter what or where I was.   Thank you, Jesus.  I now know what I must do.

After my transition is complete, I’m not sure what I will do, but tentatively my plans are to return to the United States, to live in the shallow water channels of Florida, where I will become a member of the peaceful community of manatees.  Did I mention that somewhere in those layers of entrapment is a manatee?   I might have forgotten that.   Manatees are also extremely accepting and very peaceful creatures.   Best of all, manatees don’t have nuclear arms.   You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms!   Of course, they also don’t have regular arms either, but they do have flipper-like things that are a bit like arms.