Tim Michin’s “Storm” Comes to Life

January 12th, 2010
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Have you ever met someone who just keeps saying things so dumb that you can barely contain your disdain? Sure, you might try to be polite, but after hearing someone state, with authority enough bullshit about astrology, homeopathy, conspiracy theories and other bullshit, you just can’t bite your tongue anymore.

That’s the story of Tim Michin‘s “Storn,” a nine-minute spoken word piece about a dinner party in which a stereotypical empty-headed woman named “storm” spouts out enough bull to set off a storm inside any skeptic. Michin does a great job of painting a picture of the events with his words, but now there’s one better, because out very good friend Tracy King and a dedicated staff of animators is preparing to release the “Storm Movie,” which, as the name implies, turns the piece into a film – an animated one.

At the moment only the trailer is out, as the finishing touches are being put on the full version. Here’s a taste of it:

Perhaps it’s a bit early to critique something that’s only being shown as a preview, but if the rest of the film lives up to this then expect greatness. In addition to being a great story, they’ve managed to achieve a very unique, yet at the same time classic style to the visuals. It combines smooth motion and text with a kind of planned roughness and an excellent psuedo-3d layering effect. Most who watch this kind of a thing probably won’t stop to think about how much effort goes into it, because when done properly, it just flows and you don’t even notice how well the text bounces and how the angular momentum transfers when a pill is swallowed. However, I did, and props to all those involved!

I’m told that this was done primarily in Adobe After Effects and that most of the animation is actually individually edited frames. Wow! It must have taken a real lot of tweaking to make it so smooth. I especially love how the camera shakes with a little elasticity.

But before I pick it apart any further, I’ll just stop and say that the style and flow rocks and I’m looking very forward to seeing the whole thing. After all, the Mona Lisa is best appreciated as a masterpiece and not by analyzing all the chemical components of the paint.

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3 Responses to “Tim Michin’s “Storm” Comes to Life”

  1. 1
    DV82XL Says:

    Looks like it might be good – looking forward to it.

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  2. 2
    Q Says:

    Looks descent. When is it coming out?

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  3. 3
    Louisa Says:

    So looking forward to it, saw Tim at the Hay Festival – Genius !!

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