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December 31st, 2013
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Anyone who reads this blog probably has noticed there have not been a lot of posts recently.  Unfortunately, I have just been very busy.  As such, I also have not had a lot of time to moderate the comments.

There has been a huge influx of comment spam recently.  The CAPTCHA test has actually stopped most of it, but it seems many of the spammers have actually turned to human confirmation, using cheap labor.  Others may have used a backdoor around the tests.  But in any case, it’s clear they are far from 100% effective.

While it is unlikely that 100% of spam will be stopped, I’ve implemented some new plugins and filters in an attempt to reduce the problem.   Hopefully it will prove effective.

As before, there may be a problem with false positives.  If your comment does not show, it is likely because it was flagged as spam.  I periodically check the spam traps for such false positives and approve them, when I do find them.

Thanks for your patience.

Also, more posts coming soon!

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One Response to “Sorry about the spam”

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    Pedro Says:

    CAPTCHA hacks are depressingly simple – advertise some free file with an enticing name (porn, probably), sucker is presented with captcha from your site and duly enters it correctly: Now sucker downloads zip file with trojan and bot has correct captcha answer.

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