*Email address is provided as an image and requires typing in manually to help prevent spamming.

Instant Messaging:
drbuzz0 and wirelessbuzz0 are always spelled with
the number zero at the end and not the letter O.

AOL Instant Messenger: drbuzz0
ICQ 213260624 (drbuzz0)
Yahoo IM: drbuzz0
MSN/Windows Live* (drbuzz0)
Google Talk*
Jabber (open)*
XFire drbuzz0
Facebook (personal) Steve Packard

Mobile Instant Messaging:
If I am away from my computer, the following addresses can be used to send two-way messages to my mobile device.

AOL Instant Messenger: wirelessbuzz0
ICQ 206448921 (wirelessbuzz0)
Yahoo IM: wirelessbuzz0
MSN/Windows Live*
Google Talk*

*Please note that these accounts are not used for e-mail and e-mails sent to these accounts will not be received. These accounts are only for instant messaging. The domains are included because the network requires registration.