Replacing Nuclear Energy With Wind Power
BETA VERSION: Calculations are only rough estimates

Many enviornmental groups claim that wind power is the answer to our energy needs and have advocated the use of wind power over nuclear energy. This calculator provides a rough estimate of what kind of wind power system will be needed to replace a single nuclear power plant. To be fair, this is a one to one replacement, where the wind facility is expected to provide for all the power quality and reliability of a conventional baseload power station, without burning fossil fossil fuels.

The numbers used are based on real examples of wind turbine costs and capacity factors experienced in practice. Efficiency of storage methods is based on real world examples operating at near optimal conditions. In the case of compressed air storage, this is presumed to be a fully pneumatic system and not a system used to feed air to gas turbines, as doing so would defeat the purpose of using a fossil-fuel free energy system and turn the wind farm into nothing more than a means of conserving a small amount of fuel at a gas-fired power plant.

The system is also presumed to operate in a conventional manner with regards to thermal management, as no credible alternatives currently exist. Claims have been made about compressed air storage with high effeciency based on retaining thermal energy, but this has thus far not materialized and may never.

Calculate cost for one-to-one replacement of nuclear energy with wind energy.

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