Not Actually a Doctor

Given that this website’s purpose is to take on bad information and promote good science, I certainly would not want my own credibility called into question by somehow implying something that is not./p>

The term "doctor" is given to those who achieve a certain degree of educational and professional achievement as a sign of honor and acknowledgement of their accomplishment and I certainly would not mean to show any disrespect to those who have earned it.   I am neither a medical doctor nor a veterinarian nor a dentist and I do not have a PhD. 

The origin of the name "DrBuzz0," which is always spelled with a zero at the end goes back many years.  It was my first screenname, back in the days when the animated GIF was a novelty and the 28.8 modem was a speedster.  It’s designed to sound zany and funny and it just has a nice ring to it.   Since then, it’s become the default screenname I use for all the webforms I join, instant messaging networks I use and my general purpose alias.

The fact that my last name is not actually Buzz0 should be enough to indicate that it is not actually a formal title, but incase this is not, I have made this disclaimer to make it crystal clear.   You can call me DrBuzz0, Doc, Buzz0, Buzz or Steve.   I’m really not picky.

(Steve Packard)




Incase, you’re still offended, allow me to point out that it’s not like I’m the only one who would use the title in a nickname…

Doctor  Love
(Gene Simmons)

Doctor John
(R&B Pianist)

Doctor Dre

Doc Holiday
(Gunfighter – Barber)

Doctor Watson
(Folk Singer)

Doctor Hook
(Rock Singer/Guitarist)

Doctor Feelsgood
(Adult Entertainer)

Doctor Octagon
(DJ – Musician)

The Glass Doctor
(Glass Repair Business)