“Natural News” Takes Idiotic to the Next Level

November 13th, 2009
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Why do I even bother going to Naturalnews.com? Sometimes someone points out how badly misinformed it is, and I go, and each time, a little piece of me seems to die (metaphorically) as I see comments by others who buy into the endless stream of false and downright idiotic crap they spew. At least it works well as a one-stop-shop for all the quackery you can think of. Chances are, if there is medical advice that is false, it can be found there…

Bicarbonate of soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate or most commonly as “Baking Soda.” Is some pretty damn useful stuff and is about as versatile as household chemicals get. It’s a mild abrasive, an alkaline, it’s absorbent, water soluble and non toxic. Because of these properties it can be used as a general purpose cleaning agent, a deodorant, a leavening agent in cooking, a general purpose alkaline, for neutralizing acidic substances or as a means of generating CO2, such as when mixed with vinegar. It has useful chemical properties that help take the oxidation off oft tarnished silver and make it useful in numerous other capacities. A teaspoon will cure heartburn and in medical settings, it is occasionally used to treat conditions like acidosis.

It has it’s limits though. So while it might work as a heartburn cure, it’s not going to work as a cure for say….. cancer. Of course, that’s not what the nut balls at Natural News would like you to think:

Bicarbonate of Soda Used to Cure Stage Four Prostate Cancer:

(NaturalNews) Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda to cure cancer? The amazing abundance of alternative cancer cures is more than most of us know, close to 400! The more notorious alternative cancer cures are the ones that get attacked viciously by the Medical Monopoly. Those cures are the ones that begin to develop into public practices that threaten their monopoly.

Then there are those inexpensive non-toxic remedies that slip by the Medical Monopoly virtually unnoticed. Some become like folk medicines that can be administered individually. This type of application worked for Vernon Johnston. He used baking soda and molasses as the driving force to recover from aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer, which had even metastasized into his bone matter!


But he also advocates the oral aluminum free baking soda with maple syrup method in his book Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man`s Poor Man`s Cancer Treatment. Dr. Sircus is also a proponent of high magnesium dosages, usually transdermal, to assist healing with many maladies including cancer.

After a few weeks, Vernon received a medical examination that confirmed his complete cure from prostate and bone cancer! His story was written up in a local California newspaper, The Valley News. Vernon`s case proves Mark Sircus`s point about oral sodium bicarbonate`s potential for healing any cancer, not just cancer in the digestive tract as Dr. Simoncini`s maintains.

Dr. Mark Sircus in his September 2009 newsletter stated: “My overall treatment philosophy for cancer is to trap the cancer in a deadly crossfire and beat the crap out of it with safe concentrated nutritional medicinals and solid health practices including plenty of sun exposure, exercise, touch via massage, and breathing techniques that you can see on Vernon`s site. But, as Vernon`s case demonstrates, the sodium bicarbonate is the lead . . . power . . . itself”.

We are fortunate that despite all the Medical Mafia`s efforts to suppress natural cancer cures, so many options are still available. Do your own research. You can start here in the sources section.

Of course, it’s worth noting that there is no independent confirmation that the individual in question ever had cancer to begin with or that the cancer has really gone away and is not still festering and slowly killing him. Even these reports are true, a single isolated case, with little documentation and no controls proves nothing. It just about makes me weep that any other fellow member of the human species could be gullible and ignorant enough to actually believe this, and I do know, some people WILL believe this.

Anyone who understands the first thing about cancer and cancer treatment will realize that there is no magic formula to kill cancer cells. Cancer is a condition (or rather a number of conditions) in which the body’s own cells divide out of control, invading healthy tissue and damaging organs. Targeting and destroying these cells is no simple task, and doing so almost always involves some collateral damage to healthy cells. Except in the narrow circumstance where a cancerous growth is self-contained and easily removed by surgery, it comes down to trying to pick chemicals, drugs and therapies that will have a greater impact on the cancerous cells than the healthy ones.

Considering that billions of dollars and decades of research have gone into trying to find compounds that are even marginally better than existing treatments at selectively killing cancer cells, claiming that simple baking soda will “naturally” and magically fix one of the most complex problems in medicine seems absurd even for the likes of “natural news.” Of course, if this were the case, it would also have been nearly impossible to keep this information secret, as is being claimed.

Finally, as has been mentioned before: the big pharmaceutical companies, despite what some might claim, have not been able to banish all natural, non-patentable compounds from use in medicine. For treatment of mania and bipolar mood disorders, the gold standard remains simple, inexpensive, lithium salts. The most common blood thinning drug for continuing therapeutic use in heart patients is a synthetic version of a compound derived from tree bark and decades out of patent, known as aspirin. While many medicines and treatments are expensive and complex, millions of lives have been saved by substances as common and inexpensive as aspirin, iodine, rubbing alcohol or quinine.

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