Just what the hell is “fake homeopathy”?

October 17th, 2010
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This story really made me snicker. It seems that a shop was raided in India for creating counterfeit homeopathic products.

Via The Daily Star:

Fake medicine factory busted
A team of Rapid Action Battalion yesterday busted a fake homeopathy medicine factory and arrested five people in this connection from Old Dhaka’s Babu Bazar area.

They also seized around 1,200 litres of rectified spirit from the spot.

The arrestees are factory manager Mohammad Jasim Uddin, workers Nazrul Islam, Alamgir Hossain, Mizanur Rahman and Mohammad Mainuddin.

Owner of the factory Hero Kamal, however, managed to escape arrest.

A team of Rab-10, accompanied by Superintendent of Drug Administration Akib Hossain, raided the factory on the first floor of S Ahmed Market in Mitford.

The team seized around 1500 bottles, each containing 100ml of rectified spirit, said Maj Harun-ur-Rashid, deputy director of the Rab unit.

They also seized 18 drums of this highly concentrated ethanol, each containing 60 litres.

The team found the workers putting labels of different homeopathy medicines of foreign and local brands on the bottles. Huge numbers of labels were also recovered from the site, added Maj Harun.

The arrestees admitted they used to supply the spirit to various homeopathy stores in different districts. They failed to produce any registration document before the team for running the factory and marketing homeopathy medicine.

The Rab official said they had information about drug addicts collecting such spirit from homeopathy medicine stores.

Hero Kamal rented the store as a godown, said a local trader, adding the owner and workers used to work inside it on weekends keeping doors closed.

So apparently the government and presumably the companies that make these products are upset over this whole thing. People were being sold fake bottles of medicine that actually contained nothing but water or alcohol, when they expected to buy…. fake bottles of medicine that actually contained nothing but water or alcohol. (At least they used real alcohol, so if you drink enough of them, you won’t care about whatever health problem was bothering you.)

I suppose some homeopaths will claim that these “fake” bottles didn’t actually work because they didn’t add the active ingredient and then dilute it back to non-existence, as homeopathy calls for. However, I’d be willing to bet these “fake” preparations worked just as well as the “real” ones.

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  1. 51
    Anon Says:

            MarshallB said:

    Reading comprehension fail. The fake homeopathics were moonshine. In other words, the factory was a front for illegal alcohol production and distribution. Next time, try actually reading it instead of letting your opinions read it for you.

    I just found another case of reading comprehension fail.

    You were unable to read the earlier comments where that was pointed out (such as the second one and the fourth one).

    Still doesn’t detract from the fact that all homeopathy is fake.

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