Frank Martin DiMeglio “Author,” “Great Thinker,” Ass

May 25th, 2009
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Okay Frankie… you wanted attention here. Here ya go…

Every once in a while someone comes along with the claim that they alone have figured out how the human mind really works and have some kind of new incite into reality, human experience, emotions, life, death and so on. Generally such persons have little or no training in psychology or any other relevant field, but they claim that they have proven all conventional wisdom wrong and revolutionized our understanding of reality itself, through their near-infinite genius.

A few examples include:

L. Ron Hubbard
Franz Mesmer
Wilhelm Reich
Rupert Sheldrake

All these self-proclaimed “experts” have their own take on things and a few have managed to acquire a small group of followers, although none have managed to be taken seriously, most likely because their contentions are either based on flawed logic, provably wrong or just wacky and out in left field.

There’s another “author” who can be added to the list. No, he’s not nearly as noteworthy as the others, but he does make similar claims to have been a complete genius who has figured a lot of things out that nobody else could. He also made a lot of comments in a previous post. Frank Martin DiMeglio fancies himself pretty damn important. Far too important for just two names, Frank Martin DiMeglio is always sure to use his first middle and last name while discussing his own greatness.

He has a lot to say.. OH GOD DOES HE HAVE A LOT TO SAY. Most of it is the same thing repeated innumerable times, of course.

Here is his blog.

Here’s an article on “Psychologist World” which appears to be a B-grade online magazine of alternative psychology.

Some other crap he’s written online

Actually, if you do a Google search for him, you’ll find that he has a tendency to deluge blogs with exerts from his various writings, thus allowing you to just about read his whole book online, or at least a good portion of it.

Here are a few of his contentions:

Autism is a disintegration, contraction, and detachment of being and experience (including consciousness)
— in varying degrees, of course. This tells us alot.

An interesting way of looking at autism. Autism is, of course, a social condition which impacts how a person develops relationships to others and communication, among other things. I find this statement a bit insulting, actually VERY insulting to autistic people, because it implies that they are somehow not fully thinking, feeling, conscious human beings. At least it does in the context of other comments Mr. DiMeglio had made. I challenged this, but he never really responded. If he does not mean to imply something as inflammatory as it seems, he hasn’t bothered trying to make that clear.

I repeat:

The NUMEROUS vaccines are biologically active, and yet they are unnatural and foreign to the body. So when the body THEN reacts as if it is infected with disease (via immune response/antibodies), is it not diseased/ill/damaged to some extent? Also consider — All of these NUMEROUS and altered/unnatural immune responses/vaccinations will eventually compromise our immune function.

Actually, DiMeglio repeated this more than once, but many many many times. Indeed, vaccines are somewhat unnatural, in the sense that they are prepared by humans with modified, attenuated or partial pathogens. These are designed to NOT cause disease and NOT cause an infection while still stimulating the immune system to recognize a pathogen. If you want to stimulate your immune system to create antibodies to polio, you can use the polio vaccine or do it the “natural” way, which would leave you crippled.

This goes back to the “naturalistic fallacy” that things which are natural are somehow benign or good for us. Polio, Small Pox, Typhoid and other diseases certainly are not. Vaccines are a way of fighting them by working with our body’s immune system to use the pathogens characteristics against it. There is no evidence that anything this guy has said is true, and it has been studied at length.

and is this not the reason for the rising rates of depression, anxiety, cancer, obesity, and sleep disorders?

Cancer rates are not rising when adjusted for population age. Obesity is caused by readily avaliable and cheap high calorie food. Sleep disorders were all but unknown before the invention of the electric light and are generally associated with the fact that entertainment, social life and work goes on twenty four hours a day. Caffeine consumption, varied sleep schedules, travel outside time zones and other factors contribute to this.

It’s very hard to quantify any increases (or decreases) in depression or anxiety over the years since they did not receive much attention until recently.
TV is an unnatural extension of dream vision AS waking vision, and it is an hallucination.

TV causes emotional detachment, disintegration, contraction, and loss. Autism involves a disintegration and contraction of being and experience (including consciousness). This is what TV does and is. Autism is known to involve sensory processing disorders. TV is a creation of thought/minds. Google hallucinations, and see what they are associated with.
Emotion is manifest (and differentiated) as sensory experience and feeling. Thoughts and emotions are differentiated feelings. Television involves bodily disintegration.

I have proven (in detail and with specifics) that television is an extended form of the dream (in sight and sound). Again, television is an unnatural creation of generalized thought.

Now that’s just silly. Television is nothing more than the capture and transmission of images at a speed great enough to create the illusion of motion. Any person watching a television should be well aware that what they are seeing is not a local event that they are actively participating and is just the glow of phosphorus or more recently the alignment of liquid crystal cells. There’s nothing wrong with television as a medium. In fact, TV can be a great thing when it allows people to see the wonders of events like men walking on the moon or to experience other historic events as they happen.

The reason television is frowned upon in many instances is not because of television itself but because a large portion of the content it delivers is not of the highest intellectual or informative quality. Yet this has nothing to do with TV. A person could waste their time just as easily in any number of other pursuits.

Watching a show on TV is no different than watching a play, except the information is delivered electronically and in most cases, plays are at least somewhat worthwhile, while many TV shows are not.

Finally his comments on himself:

As I have demonstrated, the integrated extensiveness of one’s thinking is improved/better in the truly superior mind. It is so much easier to be critical than correct. Many of you on here are just idiots, as you have exposed yourselves as such. Many of you are simply lazy when it comes to putting forth the necessary effort that is required for truly great (and original) thinking. You might as well throw rocks at a man armed with a machine gun.


Here is some additional good advice. Know your limitations, and keep and open mind. However, one is either a great thinker, or one is not a great thinker; remember that. STOP LYING, if you can. That is important.


“One who cannot know the truth cannot know his limitations.â€
— Frank Martin DiMeglio (author/expert)


I have written much more in support of all of this. We are becoming more inanimate.

Frank Martin DiMeglio (author)


I teach those who are reckless and arrogant idiots on here a much needed lesson in humility. They are way out of their league.

Do you know how stupid, immature, incompetent, and trifling some of you fools that have been acting up on here are?


The integrated and natural extensiveness of being and experience go hand in hand. That is important.

Many of our so-called “experts†are fools, as they do not understand the basics of being/experience to begin with.

So now that the readers of this site have a good idea what this guy is all about and where you can read more of what he has to say, why not go to one of the major book sellers and write a review of his book, stating exactly what you think of his ideas and what your advice would be to anyone who would like to buy it.

Here it is on

Here on Barns and Nobel

By the way: Although I personally think this book is a load of BS, I’m not encouraging anyone to go and give it a nasty review just because I don’t like it. Be honest. Give it as bad or as good a review as you think it deserves. If you do think this guy is a five star genius then give it five stars. If you think it’s crap then likewise, say so.

And finally in closing:

Dreams improve upon the integrated extensiveness of experience AND thought. This is what is described by the addition of a fourth dimension of space that unites Einstein’s theory of gravity and Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism/light. I have proven (in detail and with specifics) that the dream fundamentally unifies gravity and electromagnetism. With the fourth dimension of space being added, what is then described is thought that is more like sensory experience in general. The dream makes thought more like sensory experience in general (including gravity and electromagnetism). The ability of thought to describe or reconfigure sense is ultimately dependent upon the extent to which thought is similar to sense. Note that dreams involve a fundamental integration and spreading of being and experience at the mid-range of feeling between thought and sense. The totality of experience/the system has to be considered.

â€.like I said. Too stupid to get it?

Frank Martin DiMeglio (author/expert)

Dreams are form of thought. Thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain. The brain is a chunk of meat that has a lot of electrochemical messengers that go back and forth in it. When one is sleeping, the brain has a tendency to generate various imaginary situations while portions are dormant and others are active.

This relates to Einstein’s or Maxwell’s theories how?

I guess I’m too stupid to understand (sarcasm)

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56 Responses to “Frank Martin DiMeglio “Author,” “Great Thinker,” Ass”

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  1. 51
    Chuck P. Says:

            Frank Martin DiMeglio said:

    I demand the Nobel Prize in physics.

    Whith that comment, Frank has gone from Wile E. Cyotte to Monty Python’s Black Knight

    Black Knight: “I’m INVINCIBLE!”

    Aurthur: “You’re a loonie”

  2. 52
    drbuzz0 Says:

            BMS said:

    Doc – This guy published his book through a vanity publisher. Don’t give him too much credit because of that.

    Oh, I don’t give him any credit for that. Anyone can get a book published these days if you use vantiy publishers or publish on demand and if you’re willing to pay a nominal fee, you can get the whole package of a stock-art cover design, an ISBN number and a listing on major bookseller sites like Amazon.

    Nah, that doesn’t mean anything in terms of quality or anything. They’ll publish a whole book of random keystrokes if I pay for it.

    The reason I bring it up is that if not for the fact that this dude went so far as to write enough pages of this ranting to publish, pay to have it put out there and then repeatedly submit his crap to websites and try to get it published in some D-list online-only “journals,” I’d dismiss this as a practical joke.

    The fact that he went to all that effort, getting the book out there, putting this crap all over the place, posing to write reviews for his book etc – that just tells me that this is not someone pretending to be mentally ill for a laugh, this is a genuine case of some kind of psychosis or delusional disorder.

  3. 53
    Frank Martin DiMeglio Says:


    Dreams add to the integrated extensiveness of being, experience, and thought.

    In fact, dreams involve a fundamental integration and spreading of being and experience at the [gravitational] mid-range of feeling between thought and sense. It is not only in the dream that the vision of everyone is different. Reality pertains to/involves (in varying degrees, of course) what must be understood as the integrated extensiveness of being and experience (including thought). Dreams make thought more like sensory experience in general (including gravity and electromagnetism). The ability of thought to describe or reconfigure sense is ultimately dependent upon the extent to which thought is similar to sensory experience.

    The known union of gravity and electromagnetism/light — in the fourth dimension of space that unites Einsten’s theory of gravity with Maxwell’s theory of light/electromagnetism — must be understood as balancing scale by making gravity both repulsive and attractive as electromagnetic energy/light.

    Einstein’s theory is already balanced, extended, and properly completed/verified by said union.

    Moreover, this union of gravity and electromagnetism is already mathematically proven/demonstrated by the addition of the fourth spatial dimension; and, this must be plainly and significantly obvious in our experience; and, it is — in the experience of dreaming.

    Comments and questions are very welcome on this most important post.

  4. 54
    DV82XL Says:

    Frank’s rantings are becoming tedious to the extreme, and given that he is demonstrably mentally ill, it is also in poor taste to let him make a fool of himself here so that we can ridicule him. Doing this in public with a sick person would draw nothing but outrage and censure as so it should.

    Frank has been give the opportunity, as a commenter on other threads, to make his case and he has demonstrated that he is transparently delusional. His credibility in this place is zero, there is no point in allowing him to continue to make a spectacle of himself. We risk being seen as cruel, not rational in our dealings with this sort and that will damage us in the long run.

    I respectfully submit that this thread should be closed and Frank warned not to post his ideas elsewhere on this site or he will find himself barred, this has gone on long enough in my opinion.

  5. 55
    drbuzz0 Says:

            DV82XL said:

    I respectfully submit that this thread should be closed and Frank warned not to post his ideas elsewhere on this site or he will find himself barred, this has gone on long enough in my opinion.

    I’ve been thinking the same, although this is not generally within the rules of when I bar someone from posting on this site. I like to keep things open to all but blatant spamming. I don’t know that this qualifies as spamming. He’s not posting links to a site or a flooding the comments in an attempt to stop the discussion.

    He seems to be making a point he actually believes.

  6. 56
    drbuzz0 Says:

    Alright, alright. The fact that someone else has suggested that this thread be closed at least gets me off the hook – to some degree – for looking like I am trying to block a different opinion. I’m really not.

    This thread is closed because it’s gone as far as it can and it’s not doing anything useful and potentially stroking someone’s mental illness.

    Frank is free to post on other threads, as long as the comment is somehow related to the discussion or to the nature of the post. If he wants to post about his theories about vaccines on a post about vaccines, that’s one thing. If it’s a post about fission byproducts, though, it will be considered spam as being totally off topic.

    Also, no repeated posts of long long text.

    If that kind of thing happens, I’ll just have to consider it spam and ban him.

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