Terrifying Attack On Crop Duster

December 7th, 2014
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I should start off by saying that we do not know what caused this attack.  It could just be some drunkin idiots who were out shooting skeet and decided to shoot at an airplane.

But these days there are a lot of people who believe that agriculture is ruled by evil corporations who are applying toxic materials with the intent of depopulating the earth.  There are others who believe that aircraft are spraying things into the upper atmosphere for evil reasons.   Many of these conspiracy theorists are at the point where they feel that it’s time to take this battle to the perceived evil-doers.

Incidents like this really make me wonder if that is starting to happen.   Again, we don’t actually know the motives here, but it is definitely worth considering…

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Via Ky3 News:

Crop dusting plane shot while flying over Lawrence County

LAMAR, Mo. -

Lisa Kingsley gets chills when she counts the bullet holes in her friend’s plane

“Here’s one on the wing and then another in the back,” Kingsley said. “It’s scary.”

Kingsley and her husband own a crop dusting business, Kevin Kingsley LLC. The Kingsleys asked a friend to help with her crop dusting business while their plane was grounded for repairs.

On Wednesday, while the pilot was working on a field in Lawrence County, Lisa Kingsley got a terrifying call.

“Someone shot at the plane near the job site.”

There are 16 bullet holes in the plane, a 1997 Thrush 510, and Kingsley says the shots came inches away from bringing down the plane with her friend in it.

“I made it here in I think in less that 30 minutes from Joplin, and I hugged him first thing,” Kingsley said. “He’s a father, a husband, a son and this was an attempt on his life. When you’re a family man like that, his whole life flashed before him.”

Kingsley says the FBI is on the case, because shooting at a plane is a federal crime.

“It is a federal offense, it is being investigated, it’s ongoing and you can face up to five to ten years in federal prison,” Kingsley said investigators told her.

Kingsley says she and her husband are nervous about flying again, but hope their story will stop others from shooting into the skies.

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4 Responses to “Terrifying Attack On Crop Duster”

  1. 1
    DV82XL Says:

    Unfortunately this is not unique story, there have been reports of attacks of this sort on crop dusters all across North America. The shooters are almost always angry over wind-drift from the spraying hitting their property.

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  2. 2
    Byron Says:

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  3. 3
    L.Long Says:

    Well the USA has no shortage of angry stupid people or stupid angry people, between the two groups things are going downhill. The shooter most likely never knew what was being sprayed, he just decided to shoot

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  4. 4
    Matte Says:

    I am impressed by the grouping of the shots so I would like to agree with one of the comments on the news site. Most likely a round or two of buckshot thrown at the plane.

    Horrific? Yes!

    I would not mind using this as propaganda against spreading chem trail nonsense though…

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