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January 1st, 2008
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Call it a “Preview” but this is part of a poster which is soon going to be made avaliable and which I hope to being to some upcoming enviornmental and climate conferences.� This is the center portion of the poster.� When completed it will be wider and the four corners will contain some smaller diagrams detailing some advancements in nuclear reactor technology and some additional info on various energy technologies.� This is part of an effort to show how having a clean and plentiful energy source as the basis of an energy system can provide for various energy sectors.

Hopefully this will be informative and persuasive, but it is still a “rough draft” and will need some cleaning up and such.� The actual working copy is also larger and higher resolution than what is posted here:

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11 Responses to “A poster in the works”

  1. 1
    Dave G Says:

    I like it!

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  2. 2
    Joffan Says:

    Excellent work. Is there any way you can pick out the existing (commercial-scale) pathways from the proposed, or is it even worth doing?

    The “other existing low-C resources” might be better in a corner, eg. swapped with the grid box. Also if you’re including geothermal you should probably include other minor energy contributors like wind.

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  3. 3
    Tako Nigiri Says:

    I like the poster and don’t really want to say anything negative. In fact this almost seems sort of nitpicky, but I think I’d like it better if the atom in the middle was more of an electron cloud model rather than a Bohr model. All you ever see anywhere is the Bohr model and I think most people think that’s what an atom looks like.
    Am I being too picky? Probably.
    Great poster, though!

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  4. 4
    drbuzz0 Says:

    Yeah actually the atom is something of a place holder for what I am going to put in the middle. The question is would anyone even recognize the electron cloud model as an atom? If it were to scale they certainly would not, as the nucleus would barely be visible.

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  5. 5
    Tako Nigiri Says:

    Yeah, you are right about it not being recognized as an atom. I hadn’t thought about the aesthetics of it. It probably would look weird. Plus, for your purposes here, the Bohr model is sufficiently accurate. It’s not like you’re trying to demonstrate probable electron locations.
    It’s just a small pet peeve of mine since I’ve heard people make reference to electrons orbiting like planets in a solar system.
    Ignore my pickiness ;-)

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  6. 6
    Kirk Sorensen Says:

    Nice poster! Do you want to put a high-temperature liquid-fluoride thorium reactor in the middle? Maybe you should add fresh water from desalination to your list as well!

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  7. 7
    drbuzz0 Says:

    Hmm. Fresh water from desalination is a good idea. I like liquid fluoride reactors but I’m not sure that they would be approperate for all applications. For smaller ones like steam-plants it might be better to use something like a sealed extended fuel cycle “battery” reactor like the proposed SSTAR reactor the DOE is working on. Molten salt reactors may also be a bit too complex for other small applications like synthetic fuel plants or even ships.

    I’m not sure what technology will be the best in the long run, but I think molten salt might work very well for centralized power generation. For steam plants or synthetic fuel factories, perhaps sealed-core extended fuel cycle reactors or accelerator-driven “energy amplifiers” and for things like remote power generation for small communities, it could be either. I’m totally for the molten salt reactor, I just think that there are some applications where other designs might be better suited, especially where low-maintenance is required to be economical.

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  8. 8
    Bernie Masters Says:

    Could I be sent a jpg or similar file of the poster please? I’m giving a talk on nuclear power and the poster would be an excellent way to finish my powerpoint presentation. Thanks if anyone can help. My email address is bmasters@iinet.net.au

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  9. 9
    Bernie Masters Says:

    It’s OK, folks. I’ve just worked out how to save the image on my browser as a jpg file.

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  10. 10
    Jason Says:

    Any updates on the “draft”? It’s a great poster.

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  11. 11
    Manny Says:

    Great diagram. Just thought it could also depict the use of nuclear in Shipping directly (similar to nuclear subs). Would it not be possible to use nuclear batteries in Shipping?

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