No, the site is not dead. Yes, there will be new content

March 9th, 2015
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Just a quick announcement:  Many have pointed out that new content for this site has been a bit lacking recently.  I totally understand this and the concern that the twilight of Depleted Cranium might be looming.   However, I have every intent of keeping up the blog.

Right now, I have a number of personal and professional obligations converging.  As a result, I will be on more or less of a hiatus from new posts until April.

I realize that blogs thrive on new content and taking some time off will likely mean diminished traffic and page ranks.  Unfortunately, I just have too much going on.
Steve Packard

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4 Responses to “No, the site is not dead. Yes, there will be new content”

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    DV82XL Says:

    Naturally given this blog is something you do on your own time, it must take a back seat to more important things in your life, and I am sure I can speak for everyone here saying we totally understand.

    Nevertheless know that Depleted Cranium, and the few blogs like it that attack the blight of nonsense infecting the public mind, do provide a vital service. The fact is that in the not so distant past, the influence of conspiracy theorists, merchants of woo, and the political fringe was limited by their access to a wide audience and were largely isolated not only from the public, but from each other. The internet has had the effect of reversing this and indeed now it is the Rational Center and the Moderate wings on the political spectrum that often find themselves lone voices against the rising tide of ignorance and fear. Places like this, at the very least, show that we are not alone.

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  2. 2
    L.Long Says:

    One must do what one must do.
    the people that come here will wait patiently.
    May all come out OK.

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  3. 3
    Garry Sturgeon Says:

    thanks for the interesting post!

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  4. 4
    Alex Says:

    Would love to see a piece from you about how you think things are progressing at Fukushima. Always enjoyed reading your articles on Nuclear power.

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