Happy Birthday Rod Adams

December 8th, 2009
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A very important announcement:

A fellow nuclear energy promoter and very knowledgeable about the subject, Rod Adams has one hell of an engine design, one hell of a mustache and is one hell of a guy.� Rod knows how reliable and safe nuclear reactors are because he used to live next to one, while under hundreds of feet of ice cold sea water, no less!� He’s a very smart and knowledgeable nuker and runs an excellent site that is informative and occasionally shows his excellent sense of humor.��� Above all else, he’s always very insightful.

Why am I mentioning this?�� Because it’s his birthday!


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3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Rod Adams”

  1. 1
    DV82XL Says:

    I’ll second that!

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  2. 2
    drbuzz0 Says:

    Uh… It has been brought to my attention that I put the wrong date in my callender. Rod’s birthday is actually on Thursday. So…. yeah

    Better early than late, I guess

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  3. 3
    Rod Adams Says:

    drbuzzO – thank you for the kind words. I am flattered and pleased.

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