2009 at Depleted Cranium

January 1st, 2010
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The Depleted Cranium 2009  year in review

The Hypocrisy of Greenpeace Illustrated - Most visited post of the year and the most discussed, with a total of 144 comments

Get your damn symbols right! – Surprisingly, this one was the second place for the most visited post of the year, although not nearly as discussed, with only 36 comments.

How Homeopathy (Supposedly) Works Illustrated - Not quite at the top in terms of most visits (although it was posted relatively late in the year)  However, this post stands out as having the most link-backs of any post in DC history and has an astounding 77 Facebook links and 47 tweets and re-tweets

The Top Ten Things Environmentalists Need to Learn – Not as popular in 2009 as it was when it was first published, nearly two years ago, but this post continues to rank in the top ten and is the all time most visited and most commented post.

Depleted Uranium for Dinner – The most popular and commented post of a youtube video.   However, this was followed closely by Apollo 11 First Steps, High Quality 16mm DAC.

Visitor loyalty was above average for a blog.   More than 10% of visitors were considered “regular,” having visited several pages over the course of months.    Visitor retention was also above average, with most staying for two minutes or more.

The most prolific commenter was DV82XL.


The largest refereeing sites to Depleted Cranium for 2009, not including search engines are (in order of visitors):


About 40% of visitors came from a refering site, about 30% came from search engines and about 30% came directly to Depleted Cranium in 2009.

The most common word entered into a search engine to find this site was “Organic.”   Over six thousand visitors to this site got her by searching for the word “organic” or a phrase containing it.

Other common words and phrases that resulted in traffic include the following, each of which accounted for at least a 200 hits:

Depleted cranium – The second largest search term, accounting for about three thousand hits
Depleted Uranium
Halahan Funeral Home
uranium as common as tin
russian dam failure
n1h1 conspiracy
Government Coffins
Chemtrail Facts

Geographic Overview:

The United States was, by far, the most common country for visitors to the site.   It accounts for about 60% of traffic.   The second most popular country for visitors was the United Kingdom, representing about 10% of hits.   However, Canada was a very close third, only barely being beaten out by the UK.  In the US, the most popular site for visitors was California, followed closely by New York.   Visitors were recorded from all 50 States, as well as several territories and the District of Columbia.

These countries are followed by:

Australia – About 4%
Sweden – About 2%
Germany – About 2%
Norway – Less than 1%

Australia was the most over-represented country, based on number of internet users versus number of visitors and average traffic to an English language site outside Australia.  Depleted Cranium is currently ranked number 125,148 of all websites in Australia, although this number changes frequently and for some time, it was ranked higher than 100,000.   This is twice the US and international average for the site.

The second most over-represented country was India.   While it did not rank very highly in terms of overall hits, the country is over-represented as most US-based sites only receive a very small amount of traffic from India.   Indian traffic was heavily skewed to homeopathic posts.

There were visitors recorded from nearly all countries in the world, only a few countries did not have even a single recorded visitor for 2009.  These include:

North Korea
Sierra Leone

It is possible that some African countries are not represented because the only form of internet access is via international satellite systems or shared lines that would not register to the country.

At least a handful of visitors came from a number of exotic and noteworthy areas, including the Solomon Islands, The Marshal Islands, Iran, Iraq, The Vatican City, Kazakhstan and McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

There were a significant number of hits (at least 20) from all US national laboratories as well as several international research laboratories, such as the Canadian Chalk River Laboratories, CERN, Sellafield, Jodrell Bank and the Kaiser Wilhelm Society.    A few hits came from IP addresses that are assigned to the Nevada region of the US military and are believed to be part of a subset used by Groom Lake (Area 51).

User Equipment/Software:

More than half of visitors used Firefox as their browser.  Only about 20% used Internet Explorer.   Other popular browsers included Safari, Opera, Chrome and Konqueror.   The most popular operating system (by far) was Windows XP, followed by Windows Vista and then OSX.   However, about 6% of visitors used some form of Unix (other than OSX).   Although this would seem low, it is higher than most sites on the net.

The most popular method of connecting was cable, with DSL being a close second.   Nearly all visitors connected with a broadband connection of some type.  Only about 1% of visitors used a dial up modem.  The most common screen resolution (surprisingly) was 1280×800, accounting for about 20% of visitors.  This was followed closely by 1024×768 (XGA).  Only about two percent of visitors had a screen resolution of SVGA or lower.   Nearly all visitors had JavaScript enabled and most had flash.

There was also some traffic from mobile viewers, with iPhone being the leading mobile platform, with over 50% of mobile hits.   The most popular mobile service provider (not surprisingly) was AT&T USA.   The second was Orange Europe.    About 100 hits came from mobile satellite or from dedicated ocean-region mobile VSAT systems – these are likely attributable to ocean-going vessels.    It is possible that they could have been container ships, oil platforms or other such craft, but it’s more likely these are cruise ships.  Most cruise lines now provide broadband internet to passengers, but few shipping lines would provide such a luxury to crew.

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6 Responses to “2009 at Depleted Cranium”

  1. 1
    DV82XL Says:

    Halahan Funeral Home -WTF?

    Still an interesting collection of stats for your site.

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  2. 2
    Kompani Says:

    The first two stories ‘The Hypocrisy of Greenpeace Illustrated’ and ‘Get your damn symbols right!’ are dated 2008. Are the rest of your statistics for the last 12 months or 24months?

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  3. 3
    drbuzz0 Says:

            Kompani said:

    The first two stories ‘The Hypocrisy of Greenpeace Illustrated’ and ‘Get your damn symbols right!’ are dated 2008. Are the rest of your statistics for the last 12 months or 24months?

    Yes, they are from 2008, but they both were very popular for the 2009 time period. The one “get your damn symbols right” experienced a surge of traffic around March when it was posted on a couple of other blogs. This happens from time to time. Normally a post is most popular right after it is posted, but on occasion an old one will get a flurry of activity after it’s posted somewhere and several others pick it up.

    The one ‘The Hypocrisy of Greenpeace Illustrated’ has also gotten a few surges from other blogs, but it also gets consistently good search engine traffic. Some of the search terms include “Greenpeace hypocrisy”"Greenpeace hypocrites” and “Greenpeace lies.”

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  4. 4
    Perry Says:

    Yeah go Australia! I check in on the website for updates atleast once a day – I read most of your posts however the ones about chemtrails and government coffins arent particularly relevant to me so I tend to skip over these lightly. Doc, I would love to see more articles on greenpeace / organic industries / nuclear energy / climate change / renewable energy, It is good to get a fresh perspective on the crap that we get pumped with daily in the media and from ecomentalists blabbering in the streets.

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  5. 5
    drbuzz0 Says:

            Perry said:

    I read most of your posts however the ones about chemtrails and government coffins arent particularly relevant to me so

    What? They’re not spraying the skies in Australia? There is an Australian Troof Network that claims they are!

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  6. 6
    anony-mouse Says:

    DrBuzz0, thanks for the great blog!
    And wishing you & your blog a Happy New Year!

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